Nuñoa Project Launches A GoFundMe Campaign

Nuñoa Project
By: Nuñoa Project

We have launched a campaign to help raise funds for our next veterinary trip to Peru in December 2017.

Each trip we make to Peru requires significant financial expense to provide travel, lodging, and food, salary for staff, in addition to rental of 4WD trucks, fuel, and drivers to make the visits to the farms.

Other costs include local guides, translators, tents, food for the entire team, and other transportation when necessary. The communities we visit receive our services for free as part of our herd improvement programs.

We do not receive support from any Peruvian organizations because it does not exist for this important work which makes a huge difference in the lives of the farm families we service.

Please visit our GoFundMe Campaign page to read all about our upcoming trip today. Your donation will go a long way to help the rural Peruvian alpaca herders and their families.

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