This is why Peru celebrates National Alpaca Day

By: Andina
Photo: Courtesy of Andina

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Every August 1, Peru commemorates National Alpaca Day, an occasion to celebrate one of the world's two High-Andean domesticated camelids, as well as a source of income —and pride— for the country. According to the 4th National Farming Census, the Inca country is home to 87% (over 3.6 million) of the world's alpaca population, which can be found in 17 regions.

South-Andean Puno and Cusco regions boast the bulk of these fluffy animals, at 1,459,903 and 545,454 specimens, respectively. 99% of these are owned by small-scale breeders, whereas the remaining 1% belong to other institutions like medium and large enterprises, associations and farming communities.

Alpaca fiber

Alpacas' economic value lies mainly in their soft, silky and durable fiber, which has unique thermal insulation properties due to its structure with microscopic air pockets. Alpaca fiber has a range of about 32 naturally occurring hues, which adds to its appeal for the world's greatest fashion designers.

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