Ed Sheeran and Pancake the alpacas bring joy to patients in Queensland hospital

ABC News 
By: Rachel Riga
Photo: Courtesy of Alpaca Culture

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Alpacas are being used as therapy pets in a hospital in south-east Queensland to help bring the joy of animal companionship to patients.

Ed Sheeran and Pancake visit Beaudesert Hospital, south of Brisbane, once a month and work their way through the hospital wards visiting patients at their bedside.

Nursing and midwifery director Jacquie Smith said the hospital's pet program ended earlier this year, so staff were on the lookout for friendly animals they could recruit for the job.

"We were searching for something different and a little bit country because we're in Beaudesert and then we were put onto the alpaca farm," Ms Smith said.

"We invited them down, got everything approved, and it's been a big success."

Ms Smith said the animals have had an instant impact on patients and staff, as well as long-term wellbeing benefits.

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