Visitors flocked to the Glen Innes New England Alpaca Show

Glen Innes Examiner  
By: Nicholas Fuller
Photo: Courtesy of Glen Innes Examiner 

Photo Caption: PRIZE-WINNING ALPACA: Supreme Huacaya (Incamon Alpacas) with Judge Peter Kennedy-Gane.
Original content from Glen Innes Examiner.       

Glen Innes became alpaca central this weekend, as breeders and visitors came to the inaugural Glen Innes New England Alpaca Show at the Showground.

Both fluffy Huacayas and curly-haired Suris – 130 animals from nearly 40 studs – were on show this weekend.

Getting up close and personal with an alpaca was a highlight for many of the 400 visitors who came to the open day on Sunday.

“It's quite an experience for people to actually touch an alpaca,” Suzanne Boyle (Humminghills Alpacas), one of the fleece show conveners, said.

“While I was waiting to enter the ring, I would walk whoever I was showing at the time, and let them pat the alpaca. ‘Ooh! I've never been close to an alpaca before! This is wonderful!’ ‘Ah, they're soft!’”

66 fleeces were judged in a closed session on Saturday.

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