Inaugural Glen Innes New England Alpaca Show this weekend

Glen Innes Examiner
By: Nicholas Fuller
Photo: Courtesy of Glen Innes Examiner

Photo Caption: WARM AND WOOLLY: Alpaca fleece will be on display on Sunday.
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Alpacas, enthusiasts say, are addictive. Start with two, and you may want a herd of 250!

Breeders will come from around the country to share their love of this cuddly South American quadruped at the inaugural Glen Innes New England Alpaca Show this weekend.

130 alpacas will be on show at Yarringford Hall, Glen Innes Showground, both fluffy Huacayas and curly-haired Suris, from nearly 40 studs.

66 fleeces will be judged in a closed session on Saturday.

The public will be able to admire both the fleeces and the animals on Sunday. Entry is free.

“They’re very intelligent, and they’re used as guards, because they’ve got a naturally protective nature,” fleece show conveners Suzanne Boyle (Humminghills Alpacas) and Tam Lamson (GrayLeigh Alpacas) said.

Alpacas have been in Australia for 27 years, and breeders are trying to set up a commercial alpaca fleece industry.

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