This Alpaca Farm Has More Christmas Spirit Than the North Pole Here's How to Visit for the Holiday Photo Shoot of Your Dreams

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By: Amy Lombard
Photo: Courtesy of Alpaca Culture

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On a Saturday morning in a backyard on the Jersey Shore, nine alpacas run into a pen with the same merry spirit as Santa’s reindeer. They might not have antlers, but they have garnered the attention of many devotees who are lining up for the chance to take a photograph with them in their red and green Christmas ensembles.

This is not just any ordinary backyard — it's the property of Jim and Tish Carpinelli — also known as the Jersey Shore Alpaca Farm. Since the farm was founded in 2005, the Carpinellis have transformed their 30-acre backyard into one of New Jersey’s most unexpected agritourism destinations.

“One day i was looking through a magazine and I saw an ad for alpacas. I jokingly went to my husband and said that's what we ought to do — raise alpacas,” Tish said. Jim was on board.

Tish, who works full-time as a high school librarian, spent time researching alpacas and decided there were no negatives to starting such a venture. It certainly takes a specific type of person to only see the positive in turning their backyard into an alpaca farm and spending every Friday night cutting up carrots for visitors to feed them.

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