Come on in: NH Open Doors welcomes public into studios, shops and sugar house

New Hampshire Union Leader  
By: Emily Reily
Photo: Courtesy of Alpaca Culture

Original content from New Hampshire Union Leader.

Jamie Page of Sanctuary's Alpaca Farm in Alstead has a nickname for every animal in the herd.

“Miss Hollywood is spunky and opinionated and demands respectful handling, but also succumbs readily to a nice massage,” said Page of her alpacas. “I call Peachtree ‘The Peach,' because she's athletic, wary, a super mom, and also friendly and sweet. Lucille is the teddy bear, relaxed and easygoing.”

And don't forget Ruby, also known as the “hay monger;” handsome Sullivan; and Peter, who can be “finicky.”

Besides taking care of 22 alpacas, Page harvests their fiber to create scarves, hats, rugs and other products that she sells.

It's a job she clearly loves, though spending time with family and grandkids keeps her extra busy.

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