In Maine, large animal owners look to themselves for most veterinary type care

BDN Homestead  
By: Julia Bayly
Photo: Courtesy of Alpaca Culture

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Anyone who raises animals is all too familiar with this one fact: When it comes to animals, if it can happen, it will.

Just ask Anne Gobes, Southport alpaca farmer and president of the Maine Alpaca Association.

“A few years ago we went out and saw one of our males had stuck his nose in a hole [and] was checking out a porcupine,” Gobes said. “He ended up with quills in and on his nose.”

Rather than call in a large animal veterinarian that specializes in camelids — the family that includes alpacas, llamas and camels — Gobes and her husband kept their cool, rolled up their sleeves and dealt with it themselves.

“We held him very carefully and pulled the quills out,” Gobes said. “He was pretty good about it and seemed happy to be relieved of those quills.”

An at-home treatment with some antibiotics and the curious alpaca was no worse for the close encounter with the porcupine.

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