Alpaca joins camel on North Street

The Ridgefield Press     
By: Peter Yankowski
Photo: By Peter Yankowski

Photo Caption: Camelid wrangling: One Hump Farm owner Robb Heering tries to get Humphrey, an eight-year-old alpaca, to cooperate for his moment in the spotlight while Sheik the camel looks on in amusement.
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North Street has a new neighbor.

He’s eight years old, stands about five feet high, and enjoys grazing green grass, second-cut hay, and hanging out with Sheik the camel.

He’s a fully-grown alpaca that goes by the name Humphrey (as in “hump-free”), and is the latest camelid addition to One Hump Farm — the camel rescue facility built by Robb and Stephanie Heering.

“This is our first alpaca re-homing that we’ve decided to take in ourselves,” Robb said June 8. “We’ve helped others place alpacas that were either abused or at risk, but we’ve never taken one in as a prospective pet.”

The Heerings adopted Humphrey from a local farm — they declined to say where — after his previous owner decided they couldn’t keep him any longer. They’ve had him for about two weeks now.

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