Tennessee will have a new fiber festival next month

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By: Pamela MacKenzie
Photo: Courtesy of My Central Jersey

Photo Caption: There will be plenty of alpaca yarn at the new Fiber Extravaganza in Lebanon, TN from July 13 to 15.
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LEBANON, TN - Occasionally, publicists send me information about regional fiber events that aren't in Central New Jersey. I run them because although I generally focus on Central Jersey, this blog is available to Gannett websites throughout the country, and we do have readers in other areas. This post is about a new regional fiber festival organized by members of the Alpaca Owners Association. If you got excited when you saw Lebanon in the dateline, look closer. This is an event in Lebanon, Tennesee. So if you are in Lebanon, NJ or Lebanon, Pa., you still will have a ways to travel for this one.

Most of the following text is edited from two press releases I received from the organizer's publicist, Cindy Berman Morrow, who I think is on the staff of the Alpaca Owner's Association. I want to thank her for sending us so many photos that I could create a gallery to go with this story.

Since the United States first commercially imported alpacas in 1984, alpaca breeders have worked hard to produce offspring with the finest, softest, most lustrous fleece. Until recently the primary focus of the industry was on breeding to build a national herd of superior fleece-producing livestock able to compete in the global market. The time has come to focus on the fleece,

The inaugural 2018 Alpaca Owners Association (AOA) Natural Fiber Extravaganza, sponsored by Long Hollow Suri Alpacas/ New Era Fiber, takes place July 13-15 at the Wilson County Exposition Center in Lebanon, TN.  it will feature dozens of vendors selling a variety of items, many all-natural and local. Another attraction will be the alpaca selfie booth.

Admission to the event is free. Workshops and seminars are available to paid registrants or can be purchased a’ la carte. Details are available at www.fleececonference.com.The hours will be 9 a.m to 4 p.m. Friday, Saturday July 13, 14, and  9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday, July 15.

Some of the other attractions will be: Spinning Demonstrations; History of Spinning display; Hands-on Workshops; Knitting Classes; Knitting gathering area; Fleece, Fiber and Farm Seminars; Livestock Business Seminars; General Alpaca Seminars; Photo Contest Display; Student Design Competition Winners’ Display;National Fleece Show.

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