Socialize, train and teach! Sophomore does it all at alpaca job

Cry of the Hawk
By: Julia Barstow
Photo: Courtesy of Alpaca Culture
Original content from Cry of the Hawk.      

It is not uncommon that some students have jobs doing things like bussing tables, babysitting, or waiting tables at local cafes. However, sophomore Isabella Messick works with alpacas during her free time.

The tenth grader works at Three Oaks farm located in Forest Hill, Maryland, where she socializes the alphacs, cleans their areas, and trains them to be more kid and people-friendly.

The family owned farm originally started out with three alpacas, two female and one male. Since the beginning, the farm  has acquired more after a few babies were born and a breeding program that has been successful.

With 15 alpacas on site, the farm is open for visits and tours which are generally designed for 0-5 year old children. Kids can even take classes to learn about the farm, nature and its animals while getting hands on experience with the 15 alpacas roaming the grounds.

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