Livestock guardian dogs help family keep coyotes away

Lonsdale News Review     
By: Misty Schwab
Photo: Courtesy of Pixabay

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When Mary and Chris Sieh moved their family from Lakeville to a 35-acre hobby farm in Webster over two years ago, they knew quickly that coyotes would be a problem.

After spotting a coyote running through their barn with their young son in close quarters, the Siehs knew they had a decision to make. Especially with Chris traveling frequently for work, Mary wanted security.

While Mary said she and Chris aren’t against guns or traps, they found a different approach to protect their eight cows, 18 chickens, and barn cats: livestock guardian dogs, dogs bred to protect livestock from predators.

“We’re more about preventing, and if you can prevent [coyotes’] food source, they’re not going to hang around,” said Mary.

Knowledge of the way coyotes operate also deterred the Siehs from trapping or shooting them. Sometimes, said Mary, killing a breeding female coyote alerts the remaining females to breed more as a method of survival. This increases the prevalence of coyotes.

To solve their coyote problem, Mary and Chris ordered a male Great Pyrenees puppy from a sheep farm in Tennessee and named him Tubby.

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