Macomb Co-op specializes in locally-made goods

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By: Michelle Langhout / GateHouse Media Illinois
Photo: Courtesy of Alpaca Culture  

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MACOMB — Two area producers of handmade products have formed followings from the quality and missions behind their work. Four Dirty Boys Soap and Little Creek Alpacas produce small-batch soap products and alpaca yarn products, respectively. Both businesses join a growing number of area producers who have found a home at the Macomb Food Co-op.

Little Creek Alpacas

Some of the region’s much-loved handspun items are crafted on area farms using the wool from farmers’ own livestock.

One such crafter is Lindsay Moore, who operates Little Creek Alpacas out of Plymouth. It is a small family fiber farm that sells alpacas and a number of different items made from the alpacas’ fleece.

“Little Creek Alpacas was born out of a great love for animals, as well as the desire to become more self-sufficient and raise our children in a more spiritual setting,” Moore writes the Little Creek Alpacas Facebook page. “We chose alpacas over other livestock because they are docile, earth-friendly and produce a wonderful, luxurious fiber that is better than cashmere. Alpaca fiber is not only soft, durable and warm; it is also moisture-wicking, flame-retardant, water-resistant and stain-resistant.”

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