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Alpaca Culture Magazine
Norm Evans, LAMA Wellness Service, Inc.
What a great job [on the "Make a Nutrition plan for Your Alpacas article]. Readable, usable presentation that could be easily understood.
ParvezAslam Ansari, Art Deco Collections
Thank you so much. Received the Alpaca Culture magazine today, I feel so proud reading it, very interesting to read it, it’s an achievement for us.
Deb Christner, Akuna Matada Suri Alpacas
I received my extra Alpaca Culture magazines, the article is very good. You did a great job of telling our story, thank you so much.
Charles Walter
Have a great day and keep sending those great issues.
Jesse Monso, Ten Seven Acres Alpacas
I absolutely love the magazine!
Brooks Rohde, PhD
I love Alpaca Culture. Such a beautiful magazine full of quality photography and also full of wonderful articles worth of a referenced journal in science and medicine (which I wrote for). Alpacas can be either low tech (for Luddites like myself) or high tech in the highest. Alpaca Culture is not at all like so many horse publications which had mostly photo ads and very few informational articles. Alpaca Culture is open to new ideas, even controversial ones. I will keep on subscribing as long as I have money and eyesight. I will keep writing too, for others; Alpaca Culture is my inspiration.
Cathy Rose, Spiral Rose Wire
I just wanted to thank you for featuring my work in Alpaca Culture. The magazine arrived today. I've already had orders – so many thanks!
Diane Del Duca
Your magazine is awesome!!!!
Liz Ferguson, Nuevo Mundo Farm
We enjoy your magazine and love how it does such a good job promoting this industry and it’s farmers.
Alicia Adams
We love Alpaca Culture and think you do a great job with every issue!
Lee Liggett, Whispering Spirit Alpacas/Whispirit
Sandy and I think yours is the best alpaca publication bar none and we really want to see AC succeed.
Stan and Janetta Bauer
Today our Alpaca Culture Magazine came and there was our article! Thank you for the opportunity to express our views on the value of your magazine. It continues to be our single best source of info!
Tim Sheets, Heritage Farm Suri Alpacas
Thank you for producing a great magazine to serve the alpaca industry! The latest issue is outstanding. The well written articles cover many aspects of the alpaca business and provide much needed information.
Liz Clark, Turkey Creek Alpacas
Hello New Era, I saw the beautiful scarves you are now creating in Alpaca Culture magazine. Nice article!
Karl Heinrich, New Era Fiber
FYI - I got a call from an Alpaca Culture reader this morning. He was inquiring if we could make alpaca blankets out of his fleece. I sent him to another mill that should be able to help him. Then I was talking to a 3rd mill owner and he gave the name of another mill that could also make blankets if I made the yarn. Around and around this merry-go-round goes! But the original call was prompted when the breeder saw our ad and story in Alpaca Culture. It works!!!
Lori Gregory, Mountain peaks Llama and Alpaca Therapy
Thanks so much again for producing such a beautiful high-quality Alpaca Culture magazine- I always immediately read mine cover to cover! All the very best to you!
Cecilia Secka, Sweet Water Alpaca Ranch
I always enjoy reading Alpaca Culture.
Deanna Canedo Kerna, BCP Alpaca Designs SRL
"Thank you so much for sharing - [the September 2017 issue] is just spectacular! The design and layout so elegant and simply stunning - bravo Jared! I shared with our entire team: applause and “wows” followed - a very special moment for us indeed not only to remember Beatriz but also fortifies our mission to demonstrate the virtues of alpaca to the world. Gracias!”
Dan and Cari Corley, Alta Vida Ranch, Parker, CO
Thank you so much for your skillful telling of our story. It is stressful sharing your heart and passion to a stranger and hope they are able to translate and communicate the vision and history as you have felt and lived it. Meyla and team did an excellent job and seeing the finished product gives us the confidence going forward that we are working with a supportive partner.
Deanna Canedo, BCP Alpaca Designs SRL
I personally want to thank you and the entire Alpaca Culture team for the support and shared passion with my Aunt Beatriz - once more we will continue her mission and legacy in positioning the finest of alpaca haute couture worldwide.

Kindest regards,
Janice Arnold, JA FELT Studio & Lab
Fantastic Article! Thank you so much for your attention to detail, and all the beautiful photos you published.
Xuan, Bauhound
I have received a copy of your magazine with the Bauhound review. Thank you so much! The magazine is absolutely gorgeous :)
Pat and Barb Patterson, Golden Pine Alpacas
Got [the June 2017 issue] today. Looking forward to reading, as with all your issues!
Jean Heinrich
I was surprised and pleased to receive the March and June issues of AC yesterday. Thank you for that. I’m sure you can guess how I spent time last evening. Good read and informative. I was taken by the ads as well. I felt I was handling quality both physically and content. I could live in the pictures. I’m sure we will speak at some point. Thanks for all your help and the best of luck in your AC endeavor.
Rhonda Deschner
I love Alpaca Culture and honestly think it is the most relevant alpaca publication available. You guys are doing a fabulous job!
Laura Prellwitz via Facebook
I commend all of you for taking the high road on this matter and using education to combat ignorance, falsehood and greed.
Kimberly Buechner Fouse Dr. Richard E. Fouse Alpacas of the Covenant, Inc./All Things Alpaca, LLC
I simply wish to say “thank you” for the contribution you have made and continue to make to the alpaca industry. You have been a real champion for many of us...especially small breeders like us! All the best to you!
Ian and Jennifer Lutz, Cas-Cad-Nac Farm
We have been proud to support Alpaca Culture almost since its inception. Not only is the writing and art layout consistently top-notch, but specifically because it lacks an official affiliation with any breed association or organization, Alpaca Culture is free to explore the important and cutting edge issues that we as 21st century alpaca breeders need to be thinking about as we strive to push our still nascent industry forward. The magazine serves as both a vital clearing house of information and as an invaluable forum where alpaca breeders of varied nationalities, backgrounds, and experiences can share what they have learned. We also view Alpaca Culture as a vital marketing tool and a very worthwhile item in our annual budget, as it offers us a chance to reach potential customers not just here in the US but globally as well.
Sharon Milligan, Red Granite
Since the first of the year, we have had contacts from farms in China, Germany, Australia, and the U.K. wanting information about Val D Lsere. I asked each party how they heard about Val. Two of those farms mentioned Alpaca Culture magazine.
Christiane Frenkel Gross
I was really so pleased when I received the December issue. Not only because Alpaca Culture for me is the best alpaca magazine we have (and we have some of them . . . ) The service and efforts from Dee just were fantastic!!!
Barbara Baker, Associate Director of the International Camelid Institute at The Ohio State University,
As a subscriber for the last year, I have become very impressed with the content, the design and the promotion of your publication.
Marie Hurley, Querencia
Wow! you guys are the greatest! I love this publication for its style and class, and think it was amazing you went to China to educate us on the fiber market there.
Robin Naesemann
I just had to write you and compliment on the wonderful Alpaca Culture magazine. I really like it and it is always an interesting read. I think you are doing a great job. Hope you have many new subscribers all over the world.
Pam Stoddard, Stonycroft Farm
You have a fabulous magazine, top quality presentation, coverage of all things alpaca, and leading edge science articles that are written for all to understand and benefit. A perfect combination! Best of luck with your continued success.
Dennis and Christy Pace, Pacesetter Alpacas
Alpacas have been a big part of our lives these last 20 years and we are all the better for it! Take care and thank you for the offer of help from the magazine. Which, by the way, is a wonderful resource of information and positive reinforcement for the alpaca industry!
Kai-Liis McInnes
The first envelope with the four back issues came yesterday - and I HAD to stop what I was doing to look through them and decide which one to read first! Great! I loved the fact that each issue seems to go to the depth of the theme, and even the ads are interesting! The magazine is super, really a "drop everything else, curl up on a couch . . . and read and enjoy!"
Dinah Fisher, Director on the Australian Alpaca Association Board
Since meeting Jared at the World Alpaca Conference in Oxford in 20I2 and hearing about his forthcoming magazine I have subscribed to Alpaca Conference and look forward to receiving every issue. I have just received the March 2016 issue and felt compelled to write and congratulate you. Your magazine with its great production values and interesting content is always a pleasure to read but this March issue is particularly informative and inspiring.
Otto Strauch, Strauch Fiber Equipment Co.,Inc
Betty has been in contact with us and even sent a few back issues of Alpaca Culture. What a classy and well done publication. Our business is built on producing very high quality products. It's "high-end" magazines like Alpaca Culture that will help us show the alpaca community how to better process their animal's fleece and boost their profits.
Andy and Sonia Schumacher, Seven Stars Ranch
Alpaca Culture Magazine is the magazine of choice at our breakfast table where it is read from cover to cover. With all of its informative articles, andgorgeous layout of pictures it is a must for the alpaca owner whether you are a breeder, fiber person, or both. The many great articles having to do with fiber, the health and well-being of alpacas, and the financial end of the business have had a direct and positive influence on our business plan.
John Tumlinson, Andean Royalty
Just finished looking at/reading the December 2015 issue. Another fine issue! Keep up the great work. Alpaca Culture is truly a world class magazine.
Cindy Myers, Hum Sweet Hum Alpacas
You do such a great job. I love that you explore really useful and diverse topics and I always learn so much of what is going in the Industry.
Jannetta der Bauernhof, der Bauernhof Farms
Thanks so much for all your hard work to create such a quality magazine! We love every issue and use them to educate our customers about fine fiber and the garments we create from it!
Alvina Maynard
Alpaca Culture has blown me away yet again by not simply reporting information on the alpaca industry, but leading us. The totally unexpected illustrated education on alpaca fiber included in the front section of their annual directory simply communicates a very complex topic. Education is still the number one need for alpaca fiber producers so I am grateful for Alpaca Culture providing us this service.
Gail White, Ozark Carding Mill
I found the articles [in Alpaca Culture] well researched and well written. Most of the articles on processing were pretty good. There's more than one way to skin the cat and what works for you might not work for the next guy. Keep up the good research and talk to many in the field to get more insight.
Dan & Sandy Sanders, Yakima River Alpacas
We really enjoy reading Alpaca Culture and find it to be an excellent "how to" guide to prosper in the alpaca industry. These days it's much harder to make a profit however the fiber market is really taking off and with so much room to grow! Alpaca Culture is out there keeping us current on what's happening in our industry. It was exciting to learn about "one of the most powerful and sophisticated dehairing machines available in the world" being set up now at a fiber mill in Kentucky! Your article in the June issue "Bringing the First Commercial Dehairer to the United States" is very informative and brings hope for the continued business of raising and breeding alpacas for the purpose of this amazing fiber! Thank you so much!!
Susan Tellez
Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the personal communication and fine work on your first class magazine.
Lee Liggett, Whispirit
Love the magazine - best in the industry!
Sandra Jordan, Prima Alpaca
I have enjoyed reading the back issues of Alpaca Culture.
Christine Beck, Green Slopes Alpacas
Just wanted to let you know I got the magazines, Thank you sooo much. As usual they are great.
Alvina Maynard, River Hill Ranch, via Facebook
When we first started, we joked that we'd never be "big alpaca" because the show ring wasn't our thing and we couldn't afford true seed stock. THE international alpaca magazine just mentioned us not once, but 3 times! Does this make us big alpaca?
Barb Patterson, Golden Pine Alpacas
The Alpaca Culture News feature is a good way to keep up with what’s happening in the alpaca industry.
Karen Davies, green, green grass communications
Just wanted to congratulate you guys on another terrific edition, and thank your for the lovely Antipodean moment there. I’ll be back in for a longer read later in the day - your Perspectives piece in particular which goes into such fertile ground for all of us in Alpaca around the world right now.
Darcy, Victory Alpaca Ranch
Thank you for the great magazine!
Maggie DiUlio, Casa de Arboles
You all do a beautiful job. The publication is always an exceptional display.
Cindy Meyer, Hum Sweet Hum Alpacas
So glad the magazine is holding strong and doing well. It is my favorite magazine and pretty much have stopped all others because I don't have much time to read them! I love how you guys are working it from an Industry perspective and showing what all is going on out there.
Chris Schade, C Squared Alpacas
Keep up the great work on the magazine. We love it.
Jean Field, former chair of the BAS Fibre Committee
What a fabulous magazine this month. So wonderful to hear all about the Fiesta and see the complete process of alpaca fibre for us who could not be there. I think the photo of the lady on page 88 sorting fibre reminds me of what I have been doing all day . . . Great articles thank you.
Anne Adriance, Nunoa Project
You and Jared and "the Sarg" do such a great job and put out the most professional product on the smallest human staffed office - you are the truth about the small business plan with the biggest impact - keep up keeping us up to date on all things alpaca!
Bruno Franco Abuapara, MFH Knits
We just received the magazines, thank you very much. Absolutely beautiful!
Alvina Maynard, River Hill Ranch
I LOVE this magazine! Not only reporting on what the leaders in our industry are doing, but being leaders themselves by asking questions that push the envelope. Thank you ‪Alpaca Culture for your progressive push to help us grow!
Kimberly Buechner Fouse, All Things Alpaca
I regularly drink from my Alpaca Culture mug. It's so comfortable to use. I love it, even though it now is lovingly worn!
Janette Archambault, Ariya Alpacas
Just wanted to say hi and to congratulate you on your last Alpaca Culture magazine. The pictures are beautiful and since I was there at the Alpaca Fiesta, this is good memories for me.
Collene Miller, Author, "Saving Gideon" Purdy Lil’ Suri Alpaca Farm
Thank you so much for being so supportive! I am really looking forward to reading your magazine. Everything I have seen on your website and Facebook indicates that it is a great magazine.
- Jack Baldwin, The Lead, South Australia
There’s been much rejoicing in The Lead offices! The magazines arrived a couple of days ago. They look great . . . you guys have put a lot of work into all that. I’ve passed it on to my alpaca people here in South Australia and they all seem very pleased.
Ron Henning
Your magazine truly reflects the Alpaca industry. It’s professional presentation shows the multifaceted interest your industry has. It takes time to be recognized as time seems to ‘filter’ out chaff from grain. The end product has no comparison as the world knows. Thank you very much for sending me copies of your magazine. IT'S FANTASTIC!
- Patty Hasselbring, MOPACA Show
We appreciate your publication and the fine work it does to share news of and with the alpaca world.
- Karen Davies, Green, Green Grass Communications, for the Australian Alpaca Association
We so appreciate the acknowledgement [in the magazine]. Breeders everywhere (yours, ours, everyone’s) are working so hard, and Alpaca Culture is such a lovely tool for uniting those efforts.
Mick & Liz, Houghton Hall Alpacas, UK
At Houghton Hall Alpacas we are big fans of Alpaca Culture magazine, always bringing you the latest industry news and research from around the world. We are proud to be able to be a part of it in our small way. A must read for the enthusiast.
Diana Ponterio, American Heritage Alpacas
I love your magazine.
Nancy Chapel, Patagonia Estates
Great! Lets go to press! We are excited to be in your Directory!
Dennis Pitts, Baltic Linen Designs
Congratulations on your success. It's a beautiful and very useful magazine.
~Barb Patterson, Golden Pine Alpacas
We are so delighted our name was drawn for this ad! Love the magazine.
Kimberley Fouse, All Things Alpaca
I believe Alpaca Culture is now the premier magazine among its competition. You really are doing great stuff! And I so appreciate your enthusiasm and support for our product and mission!! I know we got an account in the Netherlands due to a piece that ran in Alpaca Culture.
Danny and Rael Reddick, Rocky Mountain Alpacas
We as a farm, think that your publication is a wonderful resource for the new breeder as well as the experienced breeders. Even people who never would have considered being breeders are reading the copies we give them, and, as a result, are considering the possibilities... Thank you for being so attentive to the needs and issues facing our industry today... Thank you for all you do...
- Holly Williams, Laces of Lore
You all rock!!!! Love the latest issue of Alpaca Culture by the way. Alpaca Culture is progressive, positive and very well put together. Thank you for doing what you do!
- Lisa Beatty ROCKSTAR Alpacas
Wonderful job on [the Women and Alpacas] article - loved it, and just love the magazine in general.
Sarah Donahoe, Long Acres Alpaca Farm
Alpaca Culture is a top quality, well designed magazine. I especially appreciate that each edition has a purpose. I have sent and given your publications as gifts and it is always met with great enthusiasm. Thank you for working hard for our industry.
Anna Amoth
Please renew my subscription. Thank you. P.S. love what you do!!
Lucy Lee Fowler, LunaSea Farm
I'm glad to be continuing with our subscription, I really look forward to each issue. I love all the articles, they are well written and cover such a variety of topics.
Susan Tellez
I do enjoy your online messages and am glad the publication is doing so well. Was long overdue as the industry continues to morph in different directions. After being in this industry for 30 years now, I have seen many shifts and most are for the positive and informative side. Keep up the good work.
Jan Davis, Derwydd Alpacas
There are no words in my vocabulary of adequate dimension to tell you what a superb job you've done with Alpaca Culture.
Karen Ball
I am interested in advertising but most of all I want to tell you what a wonderful publication I think Alpaca Culture is. I just love it and have shared it with so many other alpaca enthusiasts. We raise alpacas full time. Everything we do has to do with alpacas. We breed show quality animals as well as own and run our own Belfast Mini Mill.
Deb Wellinghoff, Northern Prairie Alpacas, LLC
I have told you before that I appreciate your magazine and the meaningful/useful/timely content that you provide to breeders and owners. Today I felt the need to extend a specific acknowledgement recognizing your willingness to bravely discuss the often taboo topic of utilizing a "livestock model" that includes culling to the terminal market. This is something that I personally struggle with all the while understanding the value that can be gained.  Your article provides those of us who would like to at least have a meaningful discussion about the topic some useful talking points to keep the conversation civilized. Personally I see both sides and would like to be able to discuss this openly so that I can really make some informed decisions but I find that few (from either side of the 'argument') are willing to discuss the topic and maintain some level of respect/understanding for the opposing viewpoint. Thank you again for a quality magazine.
Robert G. Applegate
I want to thank you for your excellent publication – I look forward to the next issue! I’ve been involved with the Alpaca industry since 1993 and I must say your publication has far more ‘meat’ to it than the [others].Keep up the good work!
Gisbert Henning, SIMAGI alpaca GbR
Thank you for the book [A Definitive Guide to Alpaca Fibre by Cameron Holt]. I'm excited. 

It is really the Fibre bible for the  Alpaca breeders. 

Alpaca Culture is also great. Keep it that way. I've become a real fan.
Lynda Finbow, Split Rock Alpacas, Canada
We love your magazine and don't want to miss an issue. You've done such an exceptionally good job.
TJ Patton, Winter's Hope Alpaca Ranch & Guest House
We received a courtesy copy of Alpaca Culture and fell in love with it.
Karin Giordano, Bucks County Alpacas
Your magazine is the best go to source on practically anything on alpacas.  I LOVE IT!!!
Fred & Catherine Ellis, Acer Alpacas, Bristol, England
At a recent alpaca related meeting here in England I was fortunate enough to pick up a copy of Alpaca Culture, September issue. The whole magazine was given over to fibre and we found it a great read, so interesting in fact that we have a list of folk waiting their turn to read it. What a good article to end up with regarding the coat.
Ann Maddox, Sassafras Hill Farm
Love the issues!
Leann Henderson-Alexander
I just got mine in the mail today! I LOVE it! You really do a good job!!
Charlie Barks & Barbara Sandgren, Ranch 222 Alpacas
Jared let me just share how much we have been enjoying the Alpaca Culture magazine. This last February we had 3 alpacas and were going to get out of the business but as fate would have it we decided to do the opposite. We now have 15 alpacas and are redefining our alpaca business and as part of this renewed interest we have been absorbing everything that we could get our hands on and pretty quickly we were introduced to Alpaca Culture magazine. And we have found the magazine to have just the type of information about fleeces and judging and the future of the industry to be spot on and just want we wanted and needed. We have read many of the articles more than once.
Erin Egan
This is the BEST and most useful alpaca related magazine that we get!
Dr. John Ferrante, Ph.D.
Have read it and it is fantastic. You are certainly focusing on the correct issues in the magazine.
Margie Ray, Ray Farms
I must tell you--I LOVE your Alpaca Culture magazine.  You sent me two complimentary copies and I subscribed.  I say (nag) in my office:  "Don't give that magazine to anybody.  Where is the other copy?  Keep them together and don't let them get away.  Save them, in order--all of them.
Sharon Greene, Snow Diamond Alpacas
BTW, just wanted to let you guys know that we have given away almost all of the second-issue magazines you sent to us (mostly at shows), and you would have thought we were giving out $1,000 bills! The typical comment is: "Are you serious?!  You mean I can have it?"  Everyone loves that magazine!  Even our vet said your articles are great, and wanted to know how she could subscribe.
George Schena
The article on alpaca fiber pp.86-101 in the Sept. edition is one of the best I've read.
Anne Rogers
I love your magazines – they are just wonderful.
John Fifeld
Exceptional magazine.
Claudia Raessler, Suri Paco
On the plane though I read the Sept. AC from cover to cover.  I just want you to know how great I thought this issue was and the overall tone and direction you seem to be setting.  Consistent with the first issue - the information, selection of how you lay out the stories and the content speak volumes to what I hope is the professional side of our industry and the growing diversity both as to products and investors.   If the goal is to start telling the story and history of our industry - I personally appreciate how you are doing this.
Pam Ritzman-Brown
Just received my copy - Stunning magazine. Love all the articles. Thanks for putting together such an informative magazine on so many levels.
Glenn Waddell, Sawdust Alpacas
Enjoyed your 1st issue and looking forward for the next!!
Liz Strack
I have just read the June 2012 magazine, well done on a great magazine.
Alan Fisher
Just received your first issue, just great very impressed. I hope rolls out well for you.  I really liked the design overall and the production quality, keep it coming, I'm looking forward to reading  the next issue.
Joel Gorospe, Steiff North America
I’m still not done reading/digesting the information from the first issue, and here comes the 2nd issue already! And this issue is as packed with great content as the first.
Dominic Lane, President, European Suri Association
Many thanks for the copy of Alpaca Culture June 2012. Congratulations on a very professional publication.
Debbie Potter
I found the magazine to be nothing short of incredibly well done. It was by far the best and most informative piece of media I have been exposed to in the five and one half years I have been in the business.
Jean Field, Chair of British Alpaca Society Fibre Committee
I have just received your new magazine. Wow what a super edition. Packed full of fibre information.  At long last is the alpaca community getting to grips with the fact that it is growing a fibre animal. Wonderful views from a huge assortment of people in the know.  Keep it up. Kind regards.
Lisa & Perry Darley
LOVE THE VIDEOS! Thank you for this informative, encouraging and energetic e-newsletter.
Glen Finbow, Split Rock Alpacas
Awesome publication!
Jason Johnston
I'm very impressed with the magazine, I knew you were going for high quality but it surpassed my expectations. The colors and photos are wonderful, earthy and very alpaca-like.  The design stands out too. I kept thinking/saying, "wow." I like that the articles have a faint design in the background too. Congratulations to all who worked on it for so long, it shows your dedication and artistic talent.
Maggie DiUlio
My whole (super critical) family enjoyed your first edition immensely and made many positive comments about the over-all high quality of the publication.
Larry Johnstone
Just got my first issue, you have done an fantastic job. Looking forward to seeing more.
Stefan Huzan, Hilltop Oasis Alpacas
Congratulations on your extremely attractive, and informative first issue. I just looked over your magazine - love it. Will re-read more later. We have been breeding alpacas in Thunder Bay, Canada for 8 years, and although I like Camelid Quarterly - you my friends, bring this industry's publications to that exceptional level of quality - a quality that reflects the exceptional quality of alpaca fiber. I wait to see what you do with issue 2. Again, congrats and best wishes.
Donna Anderson
I thoroughly enjoyed your publication! It was so refreshing to get something of substance and insight.
Caroline Mixon
You have accomplished a wonderful production in the June 2012 issue! The photography, the content, the genuine feel of authenticity, and professional approach to the alpaca culture. I was quite pleased moreover at the honesty, straight forward candor in the questions and the answers. After twelve years of concentrated herd health and breeding practices, I realized I needed actually do something with my fiber. Thank you for such a quality production, you're point on.
Mike Smith, Triple Z Alpaca Farm
First alpaca magazine that, when I started reading on page one, I found myself reading every page in order without skipping an article! It was not only informative and easy to understand, it held my attention throughout.  By far the best Alpaca Magazine I have read yet.  Super job!!
Maribeth Peters
Firstly, your magazine is so impressive.  I'm a copy writer/editor and there aren't too many magazines I find impressive and your quality, content and layout are incredible.  Great job! I'm honored to have a place in your magazine.
Linda Niemeyer, Blue Sky Alpacas
Dear Mr. Johnson & All at Alpaca Culture, Bravo! The content, the pictures, the scope, oh my! This magazine is a keeper. What a wonderful job you have done. Thank you!
Charlotte Robson
I received your first magazine. I got overwhelmed with all the great info, and can see that I will be reading and studying it for a month at least. I applaud your efforts as the magazine is a definite success. My life career was publishing and graphic design, so I understand the work involved with your magazine. Again, kudos.
Daniel McClendon
I received my copy of Alpaca Culture and I just wanted to tell you it looked fantastic! Congratulations! It was very interesting and classy.
Jim Tomaszek, SafeHouse Farm Alpacas
Congratulations on the hard copy distribution of Alpaca Culture. I got my copy today and couldn't put it down. It's a class act publication mixing fashion with history with science with upscale elite breeding concepts and a positive sense of our future. I will recommend it to everybody I know.
Caroline Mixon
This issue is probably the most informative the alpaca industry has seen in many moons. I think we are all ready for truth, imagination, and courage to follow our passion of this gorgeous creature.
Robin Martinelli, USAlpaca Company
I just received my magazine and it needs to be said that you have done an outstanding job on the book, in scope, in photos, in articles, and with integrity.  I am most impressed.
Kathy Stoffel, Crazy Horse Alpacas LLC
Kudos to Alpaca Culture for presenting the most entertaining and professional format for show results to date. It was exciting to watch and actually felt like being there vs. reading the results many weeks later.
Linda Trask
I am hoping to get into Alpaca farming and I am looking for any all information. When I saw your magazines, I knew they would be very beneficial.
Jerry Bates, Southern Estate Alpacas
I just wanted to shoot you and email to let you know how much I enjoyed being able to watch the futurity online! You guys did an incredible job making it look like a “walk in the park” knowing it was the first time an alpaca show was broadcast live to the best of my knowledge. The cut-aways to previous day's classes were great and the commentary as well as announcing the alpaca names and the farms. This was also a great feature for those watching and the farms that were showing getting recognition too. One of your biggest fans.
Edwin "Skeeter" Sims, Beulah Alpaca Farm
Thanks for the Focus on Fiber magazine.  As a relatively new alpaca owner, this is great as both a resource and educational tool.  I am almost finished reading the whole thing, cover to cover.
Barb Ziek
Denise and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your wonderful review of our kid's book, Zadie and Plain Vanilla, the Rainbow Alpaca.
Janina Bodington, Chi-Chi Alpacas, South Africa
Loved the first issue thus the subscription to the magazine and also in saying that I don’t even subscribe to any South African magazines in general … so that says a lot. Best of luck with putting it all together.
Juliet Elsey
I have enjoyed all your e-mails , interesting articles & information. I will be subscribing to the magazine. Best wishes.
Anna Amoth, Eden Criations
I received a couple issues of the Magazine and thought the Thrift Store find made it very real. I also love the new fresh perspective approach they have made with Alpaca Culture.
Jerry Bates, Southern Estate Alpacas
Love the Magazine! Keep up the awesome work.
Ranel Hanson
I am not an alpaca owner, nor do I knit or weave. I do appreciate fashion and fine fabrics. That said, I love this magazine! The pictures are lovely and the articles are fascinating- even for a non-alpaca enthusiast. I subscribed and am sure glad I did!
Mary Pugliese-Cobb, Bear's Den Alpacas
Alpaca Culture is a great magazine!
Stephen Aitchison
I look forward to getting your issues, you've got a nice looking publication and web site!
Barbara Pieper, Panorama Ranch
Excellent publication. Good job!
Nick Harrington, UK
Alpaca Culture has taken alpaca publicity and education to a new level, congratulations.
Eric Ridgway
Your team puts out an awesome magazine!
Leslie Oliver, Limestone Creek Alpacas
LOVE the magazine, and didn't want to miss an issue.
Matt Best, Best Shearing Service
Got my copy today, thanks. Great articles!
Jim Tomaszek, SafeHouse Farm Alpacas
Just finished my latest copy - cover to cover. Yet another great edition!
Barb Ziek
I love Alpaca Culture, by the way.  You have so much good in-depth information.  Each issue is even better than the last.  We gave a subscription to the people that just bought some animals from us.  They love it, too.
Lori Dvorak
On the 2013 Futurity Broadcast: Love it....thanks!
Dawn Crawford  Golding Alpacas, UK
You really have produced a FANTASTIC MAGAZINE.
Cameron Holt
Congratulations on the (Futurity) telecast, another new tool for the industry to use.
Edwin "Skeeter" Sims, Beulah Alpaca Farm
I love the magazine and read it over and over again.
Judy Howe, Wildwood Alpacas, Woodford, VA
We will surely renew and love the magazine.
James Wheeler, Australia
Very pleased to renew my subscription, great job.
Rob Asia, RobAsia Alpaca Ranch
Alpaca Culture Crew, great issue. Great job on the ET article Meyla. Glad to be a part of it.
Cheri Seiler, Good Time Ridge Alpaca Farm, West Virginia
I really like the articles that you have and think that you do an amazing job.
Mike Walsh, Good Karma Ranch Alpacas, North Carolina
Another great issue! Thank you! We love this magazine.
Suzie Hart
Hope I get my issue soon! I think they are doing a GREAT JOB!
Jim Tomaszek, SafeHouse Farm Alpacas
Just received latest issue. Excellent as usual! Thanks for giving me a much better understanding of ET. Also thanks to Ian Watt for his explanation of follicular density and its importance in making breeding decisions.
Barb Bernardi, Prairie Rose Alpacas
LOVED the last issue of Alpaca Culture…great job.
Wonderful views from a huge assortment of people in the know. Keep it up.
Jean Field, Chair of British Alpaca Society Fibre Committee
I have just received your new magazine. Wow what a super edition. Packed full of fibre information.  At long last is the alpaca community getting to grips with the fact that it is growing a fibre animal. Wonderful views from a huge assortment of people in the know.  Keep it up.
Beth Brown, Ophelia by Design
By the way, I just love the magazine and thank you all for the support you have given the alpaca industry at a time when most of us are not making any money.  Currently I am on the board of Alpaca United and a member of the product development committee of the Suri Network.  I have also served as a member of the Fiber Committee of AOBA.
Jim Tomaszek, SafeHouse Farm Alpacas
Just a note to breeders. Back copies of Alpaca Culture are excellent handouts for prospective customers. It shows them we have a thriving and cutting edge industry and many support organizations.
David Wood, Woody Acres Alpacas, Saskatoon, Canada
I always look forward to your publications as I find them very informative, well written, current along with very appropriate associated graphics. Keep up the great work.
Robyn Anderson, Awatere Alpacas, editor New Zealand Alpaca magazine

We are pretty happy with our magazine here in NZ but are always looking to improve.  As editor I like to look at magazines from other countries as a check and also to find articles of interest.  I regard the Alpaca Culture magazine as the 'industry leader’.
Alonso Burgos, Pacomarca
I just received a copy of the September 2013 Alpaca Culture magazine. Please, allow me to tell you that I truly enjoyed reading the magazine. Congratulations. This issue is really outstanding. Keep up the good work!! Cheers.
Barbara Patterson
Looking forward to another year of the outstanding Alpaca Culture magazines.
Jill Doris
We absolutely love to read your magazine and look forward to each issue.
Gordon Baird, Waiwera Alpacas
I really enjoy the magazine as it highlights what people are doing with their alpaca fibre which to me is the essence of why we breed these wonderful animals. They are a productive animal. I have been breeding alpacas since 1996 and love them and their fibre.
Christopher and Alison Notley, Helderstroom Alpacas, South Africa
We continue to enjoy your most informative publication . . .
John Tumlinson, Andean Royalty

The December issue was EXCELLENT. Enjoyed the " Social Media " article ( facts and numbers ). You truly have created a quality brand in Alpaca Culture. Your future is bright!

Steve Aitchison, Epic Alpacas
I think it's a great publication, you guys do a great job. As a graphic designer myself, I can appreciate what you put into it.
Nancy Haus
I love this magazine!  You all do great work.
Kimberly Buechner Fouse, Alpacas of the Covenant, Inc./All Things Alpaca, LLC
My issue [March 2014] arrived today.  Another home run!  You are producing the premiere alpaca magazine! It’s such a pleasure working with you to further all things alpaca.
Allison, Heifer International
I wanted to say thank you for including Heifer International in your March 2014 publication! You did a lovely job!
Lee and Sandy Liggett, Whispirit and Whispering Spirit Alpacas
You've done it again --- Another great issue!  I would have told you that even if you hadn't written such a positive article that included us.  Keep those informative issues rolling off the presses. You are putting out a classy, substantive, informative publication touching on many varied topics which the "industry" needs if it is going to truly become a viable industry.
Susan Muther
I've been meaning to write to tell you that the latest issue of AC [March 2014] was really interesting! I loved the art article, which is apt, since my real passion is fine art! Nice job.
Dee and Shorty Short
As us Aussie's say, "You Bloody Ripper Mate." We are both so impressed with the article and thank you both so much and I hope you get some positive feed back as well."
Barbara Linley
Have a lovely day and I really enjoy your magazine. It is extremely interesting.

Mickey O'Neil
I'm the one who bought your magazines at the West Bend show in WI. They are very good and informative.
Mike Smith, The Triple Z Alpaca Farm, LLC
First alpaca magazine that, when I started reading on page one, I found myself reading every page in order without skipping an article! It was not only informative and easy to understand, it held my attention throughout. By far the best Alpaca Magazine I have read yet. Super job!!
John Heise
"Not even half way through the first issue and want to say Thanks... Great Job! "
Jim Tomaszek, SafeHouse Farm Alpacas
Congratulations on the hard copy distribution of Alpaca Culture. I got my copy today and couldn't put it down. It's a class act publication mixing fashion with history with science with upscale elite breeding concepts and a positive sense of our future. I will recommend it to everybody I know.
John Tumlinson
Hello Everyone : I just wanted to say you did an EXCELLENT job on the magazine ( ie quality of paper, photos, text, etc. ). Keep up the great work and lets continue to spread the word, worldwide, of this fine fiber called Alpaca!