Roxie Johnston

Alpaca Culture Staff - Roxie Johnston

Here is Roxie swimming in Lake Pend Oreille and in a portrait.

Mascot and Friend

Roxie is a brown Labrador retriever who Jared was lucky to find at Panhandle Animal Shelter when she was just a pup. She provides companionship, loyalty and a great deal of sincere affection. Roxie greets everyone exuberantly with her friendly face when they arrive at the Alpaca Culture office.

Her interests include sticks, squirrels, rawhide chews and walks in the woods. She is an avid and skilled swimmer. In summer, she can often be seen swimming far out into Lake Pend Oreille or in the Pack River. Roxie is intelligent and perceptive and thoroughly enjoys a game of hide and seek or hide-the-squirrel.

She is a natural cuddler who seeks social interaction with other canines, adults and especially, young humans.

Roxie is a great asset to the Alpaca Culture team and we all care for her very much.