David Keller

Here is David and his alpaca doppelgänger.

Production Design

David graduated from Sanford-Brown College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and an emphasis in Graphic Design.
Growing up in Colorado and traveling all over the west to ski and bike has given David a deep appreciation for life and the philosophies embedded throughout.  A subject we can all relate to and talk forever about, but to keep it simple, Albert Einstein put plainly, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
Art, utilizing all mediums, has always intrigued David.  He’s worked on numerous projects ranging from using a pen to sketch ideas to using metal stylists to scratch out images on scratchboards to the digital world of design.
Graphic design has been in David’s life since he was very young and would visit his grandfather, Steve Keller’s office to watch him work on different projects ranging from Gatorade to PRE skis and distinguished landmarks around downtown Denver.  Though he did not always pay attention as a little kid, the elements of design stuck with him, and David tries to follow in his footsteps today.