Cria Named After Newcastle United Star Nolberto Solano

A baby alpaca has been named after Nolberto Solano after the former Newcastle United star donated money to help raise her.

Sol was born at Pets Corner in Jesmond Dene on Saturday, September 1, 2012, and took her first steps within minutes.

Staff at Pets Corner named her as a tribute to Solano, who sponsors the alpaca pen at the Newcastle-based family attraction.

Katie Hindes, a keeper at Pets Corner, said: "If it was a boy we were going to name it Nobby, but when a girl popped out we changed it to Sol.

"We did it to pay tribute to Nolberto Solano who sponsors the alpaca pen here, which pays to feed and keep the alpacas."

Alpacas give birth during daylight hours, mostly during the morning. It is usual for the youngsters to be on their feet and suckling within half an hour of being born.

Sol and her mother Cookie, who are staying in the pen with another six-year-old female alpaca called Ulanda, will remain at Pets Corner for a few months before being taken back to their owner in High Spen, Gateshead.

To watch a video of Sol and Cookie, please click here.